Internal Nominations

    Thanks to all our employees who have encouraged their team members. Please have a look through our recent internal nominations get a feel for our working environment.

    PC 1607 Patrick Varley | Response Command (Internal)

    PC 1637 Steven Brown | Neighbourhood Command - Chester-le-Street (Internal)

    Sgt 1261 Craig Nelson (Internal)

    DC 2237 Andrea Luck (Internal)

    Sgt 1209 Andrew Harron (Internal)

    Mrs Claire Daglish (Internal)

    Mr Michael Kenny (Internal)

    Miss Nicola Swift (Internal)

    Pat and his seven colleagues were part of the Peterlee custody team on 13th April 2019. As is the norm over a weekend, they were busy and cared for numerous challenging and vulnerable detainees over the 12 hour shifts that they completed. One particular detainee was held on behalf of the Scottis...

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    PC 2979 David Smith

    Early Sunday morning there was an incident at my mother's house where my child was having a sleep over so two police officers, I believe based at Consett called to inform us of this. They were the most understanding and lovely people and I just want to thank them for the kindness they showed. They w...

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    PC 147 Paul Canvin | Response & Crime - Crook (Internal)

    I would like to put an amazing word in about PC Paul Canvin who has helped me though a hard time following a domestic incident. He understands my learning disability and took time out to listen to me when he came to my house. Paul speaks to me slowly and listens to my views - he is just outstanding...

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    PCSO 8364 Katie Williamson (Internal)

    PC 2813 Alexander Brisley (Internal)

    PC 2853 Christopher Noble (Internal)

    PCSOs Shaunagh Foreman, Andrew Gilhooley and Katie Williamson attended a serious head on two vehicle collision in the Wingate area whilst assisting colleagues with arrest enquiries. Shaunagh and Andrew were first on the scene and bodycam footage was obtained securing initial accounts and vital evide...

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    PC 650 Caryn Fairbairn (Internal)

    PC 9051 Eleanor Lett (Internal)

    Following concerns from a school regarding the welfare of a 13 year old boy who suffers from high functioning Autism and ADHD, PCs Caryn Fairbairn and Eleanor Lett attended his home address and found him in a distressed state with a neighbour. The young boy was in a confused and anxious state with ...

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    PCSO 6639 Rebecca Heseltine | Cockerton Beat Team

    I am a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the Foundation Degree and Level 3 Uniformed Public Services course delivered here at Darlington College. I would like to pass on my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for PCSO Rebecca Heseltine, following her recent visit to our College and her pres...

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    PC 2786 Martin Nicholson | Response & Crime - Durham City (Internal)

    PC 2896 Daniel Cuthbertson (Internal)

    On 23/03/2019 at 21:15 hrs an incident occurred in Durham City where a female in her 70s with some mental health issues whose home address was in Wales but had been staying with a friend in Durham had an episode and walked off. The lady was clearly distressed and didn't know her way around the city...

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    PCSO 8055 Dylan Middlemiss (Internal)

    Hello, I just want to say that you have a very special young man there at Seaham police station.. He met us yesterday after we had been telephoned by our daughter to say that she had been involved in a motor car accident and was at Seaham police station. She was actually outside near to the stati...

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    PC 2943 Angus Hopper

    I wish to nominate PC 2943 Hopper for a WOW Award. On Tuesday 12th March I was in Hope Street in Crook. It was a tremendous shock when I looked down and saw that the zip on my handbag had been opened and my purse, containing cards and money, had been taken. At the police station PC Hopper was ver...

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    PC 147 Paul Canvin | Response & Crime - Crook

    PC Canvin was very professional when he came to see me after I had been harassed via Social Media, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease, he explained everything to me and gave me lots of advice, what a lovely man I think he deserves the WOW award x

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    PCSO 5341 Mark Lumsden | Business Innovation & Development Command

    PCSO 8009 Rachael Farrimond-Wight

    The delivery of the Knife Crime assemblies at North Durham Academy by Cohesion Officers Rachael and Mark has been outstanding. The input they give is particularly relevant to our cohort and to the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum. The assemblies are informative and help us as ...

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    PCSO 8013 Rachel Hird

    PCSO Hird attended the Middleton St George 'Magic & Sparkle' Christmas Fayre on 24 Nov 18. This annual event is held at the Community Centre and attracts an average 400+ visitors to see Santa, Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and carol singing with the Salvation Army Band. PCSO Hird was a key...

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    PCSO 8206 Victoria Trotter | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    After being a victim of criminal damage to my property, Tori visited my home and took the details of the damage and also how vulnerable this left me as living alone in my bungalow with being a 72 year old lady suffering will many ailments. She has gone above and beyond to help and give reassurance ...

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    Ms Joanne Stafford (Internal)

    In a recent serious and complex case, Joanne was the allocated file builder which included a vast amount of documents and exhibits being sifted and placed onto the relevant documents. As the trial date loomed CPS repeatedly sent tasks for the OIC which Joanne would often complete herself to the hig...

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    PC 2388 Gemma Heslop | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    Gemma called at my home in connection with my grandsons stolen bike. She was very freindly and approachable not only did she put me at ease with the concerns I had about any repercussions when and if anybody was arrested for the theft of the bike, she took time out (after we spoke and statement give...

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    PC 2843 Lee Garside | Response & Crime Command

    PC 1840 Jason Pinchen | Response & Crime Command

    PCSO 8373 Sophie Leng | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    PCSO 8202 Sean Tindale | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    Mrs Alexandra Edgar | Response & Crime Command

    Mrs Lisa Dowdle | Response & Crime Command

    Found 25Feb19! Good Policework by Durham Constabulary officers PCs Lee Garside & Jason Pinchen, Community Officers Sophie Leng & Sean Tindale, and desk wizards Ms Alex & Ms Lisa, who all worked together to reunite me with my motorbike which had been stolen without my knowledge, and found...

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    PC 2961 Max Clarke | Response & Crime Command (Internal)

    PC 2990 Daniela Jones | Response & Crime Command (Internal)

    In the early hours of 20th February 2019 a call was received by Police to state a male had just been witnessed stealing lead from the porchway. The lone female inside the address had disturbed this male and was shaken up by the incident. Numerous officers attended and carried out an area search, how...

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    Mary Williams | Vulnerability Intervention Pathways | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    I'd like to nominate Mary for the outstanding support she gives, she goes above and beyond her role in helping vulnerable people. After a very very traumatic time of harassment and having to move due to this, the support she has given me and others alike is outstanding and I for one could not have c...

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    PC 2967 Catherine Morris | Response & Crime Command

    On Sunday, 17th February, Cat visited our house in an appointment arranged after our property was subject to criminal damage due to stone-throwing by local youngsters the previous day. She was unfailingly patient, pleasant and courteous in her discussions with my wife and I concerning the incident,...

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    PC 2835 Ben Lefevre | Response & Crime Command

    PC 2870 Ian Murphy | Response & Crime

    Both officers attended a motorcycle accident after it had been called in by myself. Both Ian and Ben dealt with the witness who was an elderly lady and very shaken by the incident as she had viewed the rider come off and hit the barriers. Both officers have then transported the lady and her car home...

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    Mr David Patterson | Response & Crime Command (Internal)

    On behalf of myself and my fellow officers, we would like to nominate David Patterson for a WOW award for his dedication and going the extra mile in a recent important court case. The Police were forced into a difficult position by the defence in relation to the disclosure of sensitive third party ...

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    PCSO 6783 Steven Richardson | Neighbourhood Command - Barnard Castle

    I saw Steve in Morrison's while I was shopping with my 6 year old twins. They had been learning about people who help us at school and were keen to meet a real life policeman. They approached Steve excitedly and he was happy to talk to them at length about his job, his kit and catching robbers. He c...

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    PC 504 Stacy Beresford | Response & Crime (Internal)

    Stacy was given an incident to deal with today where a female who is well known to us had threatened to kill herself over night. Stacy quickly identifed how at risk this female was which hadn't particularly come accross on the log. There were no contact details for the female. Stacy liaised with oth...

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    Mrs Michelle Sigsworth | Tasking & Coordination Command (Internal)

    During the first quarter of 2018 local intelligence staff identified and linked together three indecent exposures whereby an unknown male had pulled alongside lone females in a vehicle and indecently exposed himself to them, one of whom was a teenager. This suspect could not be identified through c...

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    PC 1869 Claire Trewick | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    PC Trewick assumed responsibility for the case of a carer who had stolen from my elderly mother. The victim was classed as vulnerable due to her age (80+) and her medical condition of Alzheimers/ dementia. From the onset Claire treated this case with care and empathy, keeping me informed throughout ...

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    Mrs Helen Shingleton

    I have been in contact with Helen twice in the last month. Firstly was regarding my European Firearms Pass certificate that has been processed in record time after and secondly was in relation to the the variation of my certificate to acquire an additional calibre She has been extremely professional...

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    Insp Warren Edwards | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    id like to nominate inspector Edwards for this award because with out his care and support my life would have ended I went through a very very traumatic time of harassment and problems from 2 pc officers that made things difficult at times but the help warren gave in getting e moved and support from...

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    PC 1840 Jason Pinchen | Response & Crime Command

    I would like to nominate Jason for helping me take my ex partners things and dogs to his property 4 miles away when I had no transport and worried what might happen, would definitely nominate him, he helped me throughout all this time, thanks so much for helping.

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    PCSO 7356 Marc Hay | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    Over the past year I've contacted Heather Scott and the Council for support with speeding issues in Elton Parade. The residents of our street have been incredibly concerned with speeding and other issues in the road. There have been accidents at the cross roads at Cleveland Terrace and Coniscliffe...

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    PC 250 Ian Craggs | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    Excellent service! PC Ian Craggs and his team have done a really good job getting a conviction for a nuisance neighbour who has been tormenting people for years. PC Ian Craggs and his team have worked very hard, and we have been able to settle and have some peace with this gentleman now being in pr...

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    PC 250 Ian Craggs | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command

    I would like to nominate PC 250 Ian Craggs Beat Officer for a WOW Award. Him and his team have supported the public in Tow Law (Bridge Street) As we had a nightmare neighbor who had moved in to the street called Stephen Lawson who was constantly harassing the neighbors and causing problems in the st...

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    Mr Ian Ridley | Business Innovation & Development Command (Internal)

    I am nominating Ian for a WOW Award for his determination and perseverance in finding a solution to replace a legacy in-bound telephone call system. This system provides in-call messaging for all non-emergency calls coming into Durham Constabulary, and without this work there was a risk that ICT w...

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    DC 1988 Brendan Barton | Response & Crime

    PC 2176 Victoria Atkinson | Response Command

    PC 2939 Steven Gill | Response & Crime

    PC 2910 Neil Turnbull | Response & Crime

    PC 2984 Mark Adamson | Reponse & Crime

    PC 669 Neil Westray | Response & Crime

    DC 2605 Laura Douglas | Response & Crime

    I would like to nominate all of the above for an award, they were all involved in investigating a break-in at my parents' home, everyone named deserves to be recognised and thanked for their participation and support, each one is a credit to the police force. My elderly parents (82+86) were sta...

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    PCSO 8218 Katie Martin | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command (Internal)

    Katie has been an invaluable part in supporting a plan to help a victim of domestic abuse after a DVPO was put in place. The victim has been repeatedly abused physically by her partner over the years and there has been an extensive amount of police involvement. Most of these incidents have resulted ...

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    DC 2167 Kelly Carter | Safeguarding Neighbourhoods Command (Internal)

    I am nominating Kelly Carter as her attitude towards her victims and desire to think about the wider needs of the victim and the victim's family should be recognised and wondered if I could nominate her for a WOW award? As we are aware there is some reluctance amongst some professionals to consider...

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    PC 2123 Maxine Dolan | Reponse & Crime Command

    Further to my phone call on Friday, please see information regarding one of your Officers, part of Darlington Prison Handling Team, Maxine Dolan, she is known as Bolly to her colleagues. I am former Police Staff myself, unfortunately left amidst the Sean Price saga having done what I thought wa...

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    PC 722 Richard Garrett

    In July 2018, PC Garrett dealt with the sudden death of my son and I feel he went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that he personally returned items of his property before Christmas. This allowed me to draw a line under some aspects of the circumstances surrounding his death which put my ...

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    PC 1296 Paul Walmsley | Response Command - Durham City

    PC Paul Walmsley put the faith back into the police; he is helpful, listens, is considerate and understands traditional police ideas. He recently came to my aid when my car was vandalised and offered all of the above and more. His understanding of people's thoughts about how policing should be done...

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    PC 2711 Andrew Davies

    I would like to recognise and praise Andrew for his help and support in dealing with a domestic break in earlier this year in Newton Aycliffe (June 2018). He was professional and pro-active to ensure that the relevant information and evidence was collated which appears to have been fundamental in be...

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    PC 2481 Andrea Wearmouth

    I would like to nominate Andrea Wearmouth because she is just an outstanding women who has just supported me through one of the worst years of my life the support this officer gave me was fantastic. I don't think I would have been able to see the case through if it had not been for her; she put so m...

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